UHS email advises University community to seek COVID-19 vaccinations where available

Feb. 8, 2021

The following email was sent by University Health Services to members of the University community encouraging them to seek vaccinations wherever they can. The University does not yet know when it will receive vaccine supplies from the state of New Jersey.

We write today to give you an update on the plan to hold COVID-19 vaccination clinics at Princeton University. 

One month ago, we distributed a survey asking recipients to identify themselves and members of their households who would be interested in being vaccinated on campus. 

As we noted then and as remains the case today, we are unable to provide an estimate of when the University will receive vaccine doses. The State of New Jersey controls statewide distribution, and because of constraints on the overall vaccine supply the University has not yet received any doses for on-campus distribution. 

Given the uncertainties over vaccine distribution, we encourage you to seek vaccination wherever you can: a nearby hospital, a pharmacy, a municipal, county, state or other clinic.

If you live in New Jersey, you can pre-register with the state’s vaccine scheduling system. If you are eligible to be vaccinated, the state will advise you of your status in the vaccination rollout phases (1a, 1b, etc.). Once eligible, one option New Jersey residents have is to book an appointment at state-run vaccination “mega sites” and other county-specific locations.

For those who live in Pennsylvania, the state’s Department of Health website has similar information, as does the State of New York for its residents. 

The University continues to work with state and local officials to help plan and execute the distribution of COVID-19 vaccine. Our most up-to-date information, including who will be eligible to be vaccinated, can be found on the COVID Resources website

We will provide another update in early March, and we will advise sooner if we secure a supply of vaccine doses to distribute, in accordance with state prioritization guidelines.

Questions on COVID-19 vaccines may be directed to covidvaccines@princeton.edu . 

If you have already received a vaccination, remember to retain all related documentation. 

Whether you are vaccinated or not, please continue to follow public health guidance to keep yourself, your loved ones and our community safe and healthy. 

Thank you,

John Kolligian Jr.

Executive Director

University Health Services


Irini Daskalaki, M.D.

Lead Physician

COVID-19 Response Program

University Health Services